Ha! Compagnons Immersive Sound Pure Audio Blu-ray + CD

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Ha! Compagnons

Elodie Bouchard, Soprano

Anthony Harvey, Lute

Immersive Sound Art Pure Audio Blu-ray + CD is0120


An immersion in the intimate soundscape of voice and lute
Ha! compagnons takes the listener back to a time when the voice and the lute were the true companions in the quest for poetic and musical expression. In exploring this fruitful partnership, Canadian soprano Elodie Bouchard and American lutenist Anthony Harvey offer vivid and colourful interpretations of air de cour, ayres and monodies by 17th-century composers Giulio Caccini, Thomas Campion, Sigismondo d’India, Claudio Monteverdi and Etienne Moulinié. Thanks to the innovative work of Tonmeister Ephraim Hahn and his team, the album will be available in the immersive sound formats Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos together with a conventional stereo and an immersive binaural mix for headphones. This project introduces the listener to the pivotal period between Renaissance and Baroque when composers united in the desire for clarity of sung lyrics. Voice and lute then became an essential duo whose intimate character perfectly matched the needs at the different courts throughout Europe. This symbiosis can be heard in the air de cour and ayres of France and England, whereas in Italy it is rather the genre of accompanied monody which prevailed over the national soundscape and later lead to the development of the first operas. The pieces on the album share the timeless theme of love in all of its different shades, rounded up by the ultimate drinking song that lends its title to the project: "For us, Ha! compagnons illustrates not only the historical camaraderie of voice and lute, but also the collaborative aspect of many companions making this release possible" explains Elodie Bouchard. Passionate about early music, soprano Elodie Bouchard stands out for her musical expressivity and the diversity in colours of her voice. She performs regularly with the baroque ensemble Les Méandres and the Scholastica Ensemble with whom she participated in the recording Saints inouïs recently released on Atma Classique. She was featured at the opening concert of the Montreal Bach Festival in 2018, as well as at the Montréal Baroque Festival and the Young Performers Festival of Early Music America in 2019. Since 2018, she has partnered with the exceptional lutenist and continuo player Anthony Harvey who performs both, as a soloist and accompanist with many of North America's leading ensembles such as the National Philharmonic, the Wolf Trap Opera Company, the North Carolina Baroque Orchestra and the Washington Bach Consort. Together, Bouchard and Harvey aim to bring music for voice and lute to the forefront of the music world. In each performance, the young artists combine their vast expertise in historical performance practice with their evocative musical intuition.

Immersive sound technologies bring a strongly enhanced emotional experience to the listener. When
attending live music performances in concert halls, sound is not only coming from the stage in front of us. Acoustic reflections from floor, walls and ceiling form what we refer to as the unique personality of a certain venue and feed the human hearing with important cues contributing to our perception of timbres and even musical structures. The immersive recording approach of Ha! compagnons brings this natural character of sound in all spatial dimensions to the listener, allowing for an even more intimate engagement with the artists. The album was recorded in 2019 in Montreal using microphones by Schoeps and Neumann as well as the highest grade recording technology by Grace Design and Merging Technologies. Mastered at the renowned msm studios in Munich, the result can be heard on Pure Audio Blu-ray in Auro-3D or Dolby Atmos as well as on headphones through the discrete immersive binaural mix. The Pure Audio Blu-ray also is equipped with mShuttle technology providing the customer with binaural and stereo files of all songs for portable playback devices. Customers who are not yet equipped with a Blu-ray player also find a regular CD with standard resolution stereo as well as binaural tracks in the package. Enjoy listening!
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